The Manor House,, designated in Portuguese as the “Paço de S. Cipriano" is, above all, a Family House.

To these several buildings, involved in a traditional and picturesque atmosphere, has been for centuries linked a Family that owns strong values and beliefs, and, generation after generation , creates a chain that makes Tradition survive through the times.

A Manor House is much more than the Crest that it shows, but what is really important is the people who are dwelling there and give it a rare human touch.
Each stone, decoration, tree, vineyard, garden, gravestone, spring, cellar or eventually a less elegant detail, are the marks that the generations leave in the House, giving it its human trace. And also the dreams that haven´t yet come true and the projects that will come to life in the future are a part of the patrimony that belongs to the House and to the Family that dwells in it . Because a House like this is not only its past; it has got a present and ought to have a future.

We can say that the Family and its values are the “soul" of the House.
And all this explains the mystery and the spell that involves the Paço de S. Cipriano.

Founder Member of Solares de Portugal

Karen Brown Notodohoteles
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